Website for Svalorna Indien Bangladesh

I have helped Svalorna Indien Bangladesh with a new website. The site is very modern with advanced content modules and it has an advanced donation functionality.

Svalorna will also be selling products on the site with WooCommerce. It’s not a complex solution, but works really well for what they need.

Donation solution

I found some donation plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce, but they all felt visually uninteresting and structurally more complex than they have to.

Instead I built my own donation solution on top of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Website for Svalorna Indien Bangladesh 1

With every donation an order is created in WooCommerce, to take advantage of the automatic receipts and the admin functionalities.

Automatically generated PDF:s

Most users wants the possibility to donate for others, for example as a present or as a memory gift at a funeral.

For this I built a solution that generates a PDF based on selected image and text input. The PDF is sent to the user automatically when it is generated, or to Svalorna if they need to print it and send it in a letter.